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About Kiru KIRU

About Us

KiruKiru is created to unite distant places, different countries, with different histories and cultures, which can join as a the result of a unique and excellent product.

A product designed to amaze those who have always wanted to enjoy its exclusive, original, and colourful softness.

Laura & Carla

KiruKiru is a shahtoosh originating from distant lands, from a place on the Asian continent, but with the renowned “Made in Italy” label.

Just like “Made in Italy” products, two young women, sharing worldwide interests are behind the fulfilment of this dream.

Laura and Carla are the two women entrepreneurs who became friends by chance when their destinies crossed while waiting for a traffic light at Piazza San Babila in Milan. From that time, they felt immediately in tune with each other, and due to a series of synchronistic, lucky coincidences, but above all the sudden and unique desire to share a dream, they created a project to give to the world.

Within a short time, the dream thus became a reality thanks to their determination, tenacity, passion and professionalism.

Laura, already an established fashion entrepreneur handling business between Italy and the East for about twenty years; and Carla, a manager in the marketing and communication sector as the head of her agency for over twenty years.

The two women, similar in their professional ambition and perspective, and both deeply linked to their family and home environment, immediately become friends and soon partners in the project, which they themselves “baptized” as KiruKiru with love.


Cashmere and baby cashmere

Years ago, Laura discovered cashmere and baby cashmere, while traveling through the pristine lands of Mongolia, China, and Tibet in Nepal. Here, in fact, Laura met the shepherds who care for the Hircus goats and their kids from which this prized fibre is obtained.

Baby cashmere is actually extremely rare, obtained exclusively from the underfleece of Hircus goats kids. It is characterised by an unparalleled lightness and softness.

Hence the idea soon became a product of excellence; a prized product to be entrusted to the highly prestigious, traditional Italian workmanship.

Somewhat between a gamble and a bet, fantasy and reality, a dream and a passion, the KiruKiru brand was thus born.

All the colors of the World

All the colors of the World

The cashmere arrives from Asia and is dyed in Italy. It is precisely its colour that makes the KiruKiru brand unique in the industry, since the KiruKiru shahtoosh is the only one in the world that can be created in the full range of Pantone colours. It is as easy as choosing the colour code for pink, red, green, brown, blue... To receive shahtoosh in ``your`` colour; so unique, that it can only be reproduced by those who know the Pantone code.

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