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The company philosophy and the strength of the brand lies in the journey that takes place through the remote, uncontaminated cashmere and baby cashmere lands, until reaching Italy.
KiruKiru was created with a goal to be pursued through its mission.

The Mission

The Aim, is to spread the knowledge of excellence, born in an Asian country, all over the world.

The Mission, is to preserve the authentic quality of cashmere, which undergoes careful and meticulous processing implemented by skilled hands imparting its colours; the many colours, thousands of colours, endless colours given to this wonderful, enveloping, warm, soft fabric.

Excellence through Quality

Excellence through Quality

A company philosophy based on absolute quality, product quality, quality of workmanship, quality and dyeing innovation, quality and innovation of the results. The absolute novelty, in fact, is not so much and not only the excellent cashmere product, but its dyeing process, whose possibilities embrace infinite colours encompassing the myriad of choices on the Pantone colour chart. The result, therefore, goes beyond the mere production of excellent cashmere, indeed further creating one-of-a-kind garments in an infinite variety of colours, each one unique.

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